Amazing Design Automation for
School, Preschool and Sports Photography!

UPGRD Photos is a new all-in-one online sales system that offers you a top-end webshop, sales analytics, photo event management, photographer and team management, marketing materials and most of all; amazing design variations to make you and your business shine.

With UPGRD Photos you can stand out from your competitors and win more photo contracts by offering the world’s first design photos. And because UPGRD Photos is a white label service, you can use UPGRD Photos with your company logo and brand. The only difference in your clients’ eyes will be that they now have the opportunity to choose between normal and design photos. Or more likely, choose BOTH!

It’s time to upgrade your photo business with UPGRD Photos.

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Our mission

This all started when we received our children’s first preschool and school photos. We realized that the photo industry has been the same and without any real innovations for the last 30 years – since we were at school! During this time, the world has gone through a huge technology revolution: the internet has been created, photography has become digital and photo files and editing possibilities are greater than ever.

We had a dream, which became a mission: Children’s school photos could be so much more than what we think or what we are used to seeing. We believe that by adding innovative thinking, professional graphic design and cool photo editing possibilities, we can give photos new life and create new ways of using and enjoying them. In our vision, we believed that children’s photos could be a part of home interior design, fun gift ideas for loved ones and beautifully designed products in everyday family life.

We created the UPGRD Photos idea and piloted it in a highly competitive market. The results were amazing: We reached revenues of a million euros within just a few years. This proved to us that also other families thought like we did, and that the school photo industry needed a change!

Now we invite you to join the UPGRD Photos family as a reseller and became a part of the success story in your local market.

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Designer & Dad


Photographer & Dad

Our Designs

No matter is it preschool, school or sport photography, we do what we love, and we love photography and design!

This why we have created hundreds of design variations to give your customers the best photography experience possible. Our designs give a normal photo new life by turning it into a unique piece of artwork where the child shines as the star of his/her own design.

Our professional design team has created hundreds of different design variations to suit every kid’s and family’s individual needs. Our design team also researches design sales and statistics to find out what designs and styles are trending and what are not. This way we can optimize our design selection to give you the best possible sales results.

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Our Webshop

Our webshop is easy and fun to use. It allows your customers to choose normal classic photos or cool design photos with individual editing possibilities. Over half of the photos sold in our webshop are design photos.

Our webshop has a wide range of print products such as normal photo prints, stickers, magnets, mugs, canvases etc., but also a range of more unique print products such as metal prints, jewelry, t-shirts, bags, phone cases, pillows, innovative decoration products etc.

This means a bigger range of choices and shopping ideas for your customers, and most of all, bigger shopping carts for your business!

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Our event management

When aiming to double the revenue of your business with design photos, software and event management have to work like a dream. And in UPGRD Photos it all does.

UPGRD is a tool for success in terms of photo event management, because it’s a software by photographers for photographers.

We have experience of arranging more than a thousand photo events in different cities and with different photographers. This why we know how important every detail is when working with preschools, schools and sport organizations with tight schedules and a large number of kids. Our client management, event and schedule management, photographer team management, pricing, QR coding etc. are all designed to save you time and make your event management flow easy.

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Our clients

We created UPGRD Photos to bring creativity, fun and magic back into children’s photography. Through the years, the most rewarding thing has been the customer feedback that has delighted us and shown us how other parents thinks and feels exactly like we do. Here are a few quotes from our valued customers:

“Amazing. Coolest school & sports photos EVER!”
“We have three children and experience of dozens of school photos. These photos beat them all...”
“I have been following school photography since 1974 and your photos are really something else.”

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"Some call it preschool & school photography,
others call it sport photography – we call it passion."

- from photographers to photographers, with love -

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