UPGRD's mission is to make design school, nursery/kindergarten and sports photos a fundamental right for every man, woman and child.

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Design automation for sports, nursery/kindergarten and school photography

  • Patented designs, more than 1,000 possible design variations
  • Web store includes both ordinary and design photos
  • Web store optimised to increase shopping cart volumes
  • Customer support for entrepreneurs and web store users
  • Free emails and text messages
  • Integrated print lab included (in-house printing also possible)
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89% of families want design photos.

Here at UPGRD Photos we believe our design pictures are the best thing since sliced bread. But to find out whether ordinary families agree, we organised a survey and asked thousands of families whether they wanted to see design pictures in addition to their usual photographs.

89% of respondents answered YES. Here are a few extracts from the feedback we received:

”We have three children and experience of dozens of school photos.These photos beat them all.”
“Amazing. The coolest photos EVER!”

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Designed for better business:
20-30% bigger shopping carts

Did you know that demand can be generated through supply? Research shows that when customers are offered something new, they can change their behaviour. For us this means that new kinds of designs and photo products can direct people to new purchases. UPGRD Photos has found that unique design products are almost without exception an addition to traditional photo products - not their replacement.

For us, bigger shopping carts are not an end in themselves but the result of the passion, love and professionalism we have poured into UPGRD Photos.

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More than 150,000 happy customers

UPGRD Photos brings a smile to the faces of photography models - and the photographers!

"Thanks to UPGRD Photos, our company is FInland's fastest-growing school photography studio. The secret of our success have been UPGRD's automated high-end designs, which have helped us win bids again and again. A special mention is also due to the time-saving work flow and shopping carts with a 20% higher volume compared to the previous service we used.”

- Matti Rajala, owner / Oma Design -

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of gross sales

Our pricing model is simple: we take 8% of gross sales as commission and deduct the cost of the production of your photos straight from your weekly settlement.


  • Event & store management
  • Innovative web store
  • Design automation (more than 30 versions of each photo)
  • Consumer design builder (more than 1,000 variations)
  • Patented designs (sports, schools and nurseries/kindergartens)
  • Automated marketing
  • Advanced cart recovery
  • Free email & text messages
  • Unlimited storage
  • Reseller support
  • Technical support for web store users
  • Print labs chosen through competitive bidding
  • Automated print production
  • 150+ print products
  • Most popular payment methods (Paytrail)
Enterprise: Possibility to integrate in-house print lab


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