Drop your photos to the MagicBox and it will turn them to extraordinary design photos. By offering design photos beside regular photos you will sell more!

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MagicBox user testimonial:

“In addition to my normal photos, I offered my customers the UPGRD design theme photos and sold some photos twice. Brilliant!”


MagicBox is the Houdini of photography and it has more tricks than a bunch of kids on Halloween. MagicBox is loaded with creativity, graphic design, art direction, photo retouching and whole lotta love from photographers to photographers.

MagicBox is easy to use. Choose your desired theme (1-year birthday, wedding, football, school, nursery, boy scout, babies etc.), drop your photos, and we'll send you a download link to your inbox with ready-to-sell design photos.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?


We believe that photos which are transformed to amazing designs creates attraction and new ways to use them — as a part of home decoration, unique gift ideas etc. For photographers this means a high-octane rocket to photo sales.

1) Plan your next event with the MagicBox, create attraction and get more customers! Offer design photos in addition to classic photos to your customers and sell more.

2) Turn your once taken and once sold photos to unseen design photos and sell them again to your customers. Giving new life to photos is a WOW experience and creates attraction among your customers.

How? How? How? How?


As MagicBox’s dear friend and wizard colleague Gandalf the White Balance says; “Photos shall not pass!” -until these few basic things are taken care of:

CROPPING: See cropping examples for each design theme from the Design Collection.

RESOLUTION: We recommend to use photos with a minimum length of 4000pix of the longest side.

TONES & LIGHTNING: Use professionally lit, naturally toned studio photos and leave editing to the MagicBox.

BACKDROP: Backdrop colour is important for achieving the best possible result. Generally all midtone colours are very good. Pure white or black background is not recommended. See specific backdrop guide for each design theme from the Design Collection.

Let’s do it!

1, 100 or 10 000 photos,
we are ready to deliver!

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90% of volume photo customers would like to see design themes.
Over 50% of volume photo customers buys design themes.
Design themes can increase shopping cart value over 20%.
Design themes sold so far with value of over 1 400 000 USD


Great, because so are we!

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”We have three children and experience of dozens of school photos. These photos beat them all.”

- UPGRD client testimonial -